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The following are a series of Videos. As more become available they will be posted.
To expand to the full screen click [ ] at bottom right of screen after opening.
To stop video click on Videos or Gowd Home under the video.
This is an amazing run.

Amazing Squid.

The Elephants who came to dinner.

This is an amazing young girl that will make a big difference.

Maybe one of the best Golf videos ever

All teachers & book publishers should watch.

This is amazing..Humming birds fed by hand

A most inspiring video by one experiencing the onset of Alzheimers

This is incredible Opera singer.

An amazing video on fish of the deep...

Climate Change - A most amazing solution.

A Radical New Approach to Education.

This could save your life if your doctor views it.

Wolves - Yellowstone Park.


Our Oceans.

Islamic Demographics.

Financial Crisis - Another One Coming.
Fellow Plutocrats the pitchforks are coming.

Bicyle enthusiasts will enjoy this.

The Beauty of Pollination.

Wildlife by John Aitchison.